Another Day In the Office

Hey there.  We had another great day of diving last week in the Gulf.  The visibility was excellent and we saw a good cross-section of the food chain in action.  Beginning with moon jellyfish munching on zooplankton all the way up to mackerel, barracuda and bonito munching on sardines.   It was nice to see things looking fairly well-ordered out there.

Until next time, take care.  Jimmy

Gulf Diving – Images by James White

14 Responses to “Another Day In the Office”

  1. preston says:

    those moon fish are spacey. pics on the flicker feed of and inside the ship are haunting.

  2. htweto says:

    Really nice, Jimmy, great work with the underwater flash, which must be a challenge. Wish I could attend your show…perhaps a virtual tour with the 5D is in order?

  3. Jennifer Skiff says:


  4. SACS says:

    Another amazing set of images Jimmy!!! WOW, I love the Jelly Fish shots! SWEET!

  5. Hailey says:

    wow. those jelly fish shots are amazing. Do you ever get scared of the creatures?

  6. shad says:

    keep up the good work… looks like you are having fun

  7. Helen Krug says:

    Great Pictures! Looking forward to seeing you at the Dedication for Bob Blalock.