Biological diversity in an environment as indicated by numbers of different species of plants and animals is widely regarded as a positive feature.  Yet it is a concept that is often discussed, but seldom seen in today’s world.  Hopefully the following photographs will help illustrate the beauty underlying this important concept.

I hope this finds you well, Jimmy.

P.S. – If you run into any problems viewing the slideshow below, click here to go directly to the image gallery.

Biodiversity Illustrated – All Images © 2012 James R. White


  1. Anne Medley says:

    love the one of the divers hanging on to the rope. so awesome.

    • Jimmy White says:

      Thanks Anne! I also like that image a lot. Although it has little to do with biodiversity, I had to slip it in there anyway:) Hope you are well!

  2. Jim Johnson says:

    Beautiful shots, Jimmy! Thanks for sending the link.

  3. Mac says:

    Jimmy —

    A great collection of outstanding shots. Especially love the B&W Barracuda.


  4. Andrew White says:

    Beautiful work Jimmy. Good to see the marine environments doing so well in Cozumel and Cayman.

    • Jimmy White says:

      Thank you Andrew! As you are well aware, diving on healthy reef is soooo much more enjoyable than on a reef that is constantly hammered. Appreciate your comment!

  5. Kate Cooper says:

    Fantastic work Jimmy. Favourites, Sea Anemone (love the green tips) Turtle (shot full of interest), Bio diversity defined and Safety stop (great composition), just really interesting. From a commercial point of view Queen Angelfish and Flourishing reef have nice plain blocks of colour in good positions allowing space for editorial or headings. Thanks for sharing.

  6. preston says:

    fabulous, Jimmy. thanks.

  7. Mel says:

    Your flash brings out all these wonderful colors but the sunlight is attenuated at depths to illuminate only in the blue range. Why are all those colors needed if they will never be seen? Do the animals at those depths “see” color different from us, like a bee sees in UV such that flowers look radically different from our gaze? I feel one of the magical aspects of your photography is this burst of unexpected color underwater. How can you emphasize that as you develop your personal style?

    Great stuff. Always look forward to seeing your work.

    • Jimmy White says:

      Thanks Mel. The color question always puzzles me too. I’m sure there is a quick answer, but not in my head. Appreciate your comments, as always. Take care!