Milky Way Over Lake Ellen Wilson, Glacier NP (2012).

Hey there. I hope this message finds you in the middle of your own summer adventure.

I recently had the great fortune of hiking around Glacier NP with two good friends/fellow RMSP teaching assistants (Ben Reed and Dan Doran). Over three days we experienced what we all agreed was a quintessential back country hike.  A few of the highlights were the strenuous climbs, several terrifying thunderstorms, freezing alpine lake swimming and a veritable cornucopia of wildlife encounters (including a flip-flop stealing marmot). Upon reflection, a good deal of our time was devoted to discussing the psychological benefits of extracting oneself from society, what constitutes an acceptable zombie apocalypse hideout, the incredible number of satellites and/or alien spacecraft passing overhead each night and photographing as much of the experience as possible.  In other words, it was perfect!

Below are a few shots from the adventure (click here to view thumbnail images).  Hope you enjoy…Jimmy.

Back Country Glacier – Images by James White

22 Responses to “CROWN OF THE CONTINENT”

  1. Emily Murphy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures Jimmy! I forgot how beautiful the stars are up in the mountains. You are so talented! Looks like you had a true back country experience;) I’m so jealous!

  2. Jim Johnson says:

    What beautiful pictures!! Looks like you had quite an experience.

  3. Kate Cooper says:

    Cute goat, looks like you had a great time, loved seeing the landscape again, can’t believe it’s been three years, thanks for sharing

  4. chandra says:

    Stunning pictures! Makes me miss Colorado. 🙂

  5. ang says:

    Hey Jim,
    Lovely photos!My favorites are those precious little mountain goats.
    Hope you guys are well, and glad you’re getting out in that lovely part of the world.
    Talk to you soon…love,ang

  6. preston says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    really excited for you. these are amazing. seems you were on a 1st name basis with the ram.

  7. just magical photo of the milky way…makes my heart sing at it’s beauty…patricia

  8. Mel says:

    I see the goats are still hanging out around the trail. Nice to have a little company! Very nice star image – get that one published.

    Marmots are certainly sneaky…

    • Jimmy White says:

      Thanks Mel. Yes, goats were everywhere and very comfortable around humans. I still curse the name of the marmot who walked off with my flip flop as he robbed me of a huge comfort factor after each day of hiking:) See you soon!

  9. Elizabeth Trice says:

    Beautiful pictures, Jimmy. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Walter White says:

    Sounds like an awesome time! GNP is now on MY list of acceptable zombie apocalypse hideouts because of your recommendation!

  11. Hailey says:

    These pictures are great. I felt like I was there with you, joking about zombies and watching the stars. Thanks for sharing! I miss you and Montana!