Flourishing Ocean

A Cloud of Skeleton Shrimp photographed off the coast of Vancouver Island, BC


Living most of the year in a warm water climate has profoundly affected my perception about cold water diving.  Why would I purposefully enter frigid water when I know how enjoyable it is diving in the tropical ocean?

One major reason for taking the frigid plunge is that in most instances the world’s temperate oceans contain a greater density and diversity of marine life than their tropical counterparts.  Cindy and I recently confirmed this fact while dry-suit diving around Vancouver Island.  During each dive we were both amazed by the immense amount of life flourishing in the cold waters surrounding this beautiful island. Seeing such a thriving ecosystem on every dive helped us forget that we were surrounded by very frigid water. The dry suits also helped a little.

We dove with a company named Rockfish Divers and were extremely pleased with the dive spots they took us to as well as the friendliness and professionalism of their staff.  I highly recommend this company should you ever find yourself looking for a dive outfitter in that part of the world.

Hope you enjoy the photos.


P.S. – If you experience difficulty viewing the (flash-based) slide show below, please click here to view the image gallery.

Vancouver Island – Images by James White

18 Responses to “Flourishing Ocean”

  1. Andrew White says:

    Wow James, incredible shots. Cheers to you and Cindy for going for it with the drysuit certification, that took guts!!!

    Awesome work!


  2. Tammy andie says:

    Beautiful colors in both the marine life and the ocean landscape itself! You must have to become familiar with the all the different kinds of fish and a such in each new location that you dive in. Do you look for ones in particular?
    It’s so great that Cindy likes to dive too! Great shots.

  3. Hailey says:

    Jimmy, these are fantastic. You truly inspire me over and over again.
    There are way too many favorites to list them here, but I really want that picture of Cindy. She looks like a kid in a candy store. 🙂

  4. alice says:

    As always, I loved the pictures and have passed them on to other friends.

  5. So swimming in cooler climes? Looks like it was beauty. Time to get u up to SW Alaska for a dive freshwater dive into a slamon run on one of the big rivers. That wld be action photography,..instead of all these “still” lifes..LOL Your blogs r great, ur site looks good and navigates well. Fun to b able to use ur pics in this way is it not?

  6. ang says:

    Beautiful shots as always! Thanks for sharing them. Cindy looks like so lovely even in that manly drysuit.
    I want one of those handsome octopus shots.
    Hope all goes well….love,ang

  7. Kate Cooper says:

    Hey Jimmy, nice post, amazing work as always, I really love the fact that you can combine three loves, photography, diving and being with Cindy (not necessarily in that order). Favourites – 016 and 014 of the land-based shots and Moon Jellyfish and Lingcod. I wonder do you know the names of all these creatures when you shoot them or do you think ‘that looks interesting’ and look it up when you get ashore? Don’t tell me leave me to wonder. All the best.

  8. Rita Pignato says:

    Great work Jimmy. How is life going in Missoula. Been working on all my images that I did over the summer; and it seems like it will never end. Not sure why I have a hard time editing. Say hi to Cindy and Eddy, Miss you all.



    • Jimmy White says:

      Reeder! Great hearing from you and I appreciate your checking in! The weather reports are warning of colder weather ahead so you got our while the getting was good. We miss you here and hope all goes well. Looking forward to seeing images from your summer. Until then, take care. Jimmy

  9. Mel says:

    Jimmy, I remember you mentioned the octopus so it’s good to see it. Nice detail and color. Great it would let you get so close. On the opalescent nudibranch you really captured the sheen on the surface, showing exactly why it’s named that. The landscape of the tree in the lake growing on the log is very nice – good use of shallow depth of field to accentuate the subject. Definitely a concept images – perhaps for a calendar? Thanks for sharing these images of your trip, especially the places and creatures I wouldn’t expect to see.

    • Jimmy White says:

      Hey Mel, thank you for the comment! We had a great time on our trip and it is fun sharing these images. Hope you and Sharon are well and that our paths cross again soon. Jimmy