Leaving Havana and heading south was our task for day two of the trip.  We drove to southern coast of Cuba to board a boat for the 4.5 hour ride out to the Isle of Youth.  It is there that Sea to Shore Alliance and its U. of Havana partners have been doing manatee captures and releases for the past several years.  While there we learned about the status of the research and spent a day spotting and documenting Cuban manatees.  We also felt it was incumbent upon us to personally assess the health of the island’s coral reefs during our stay.  “Refreshingly healthy” were words that often came to mind.  Hope you enjoy the images!
Part 2 – The Isle of Youth – Images | Jimmy White

Cuban flag on the dive vessel Bucanero, Isle of Youth, Cuba.

Cuba Libre.

12 Responses to “THE ISLE OF YOUTH”

  1. Mel says:

    Looks like a diver’s paradise. Your underwater images continue to show off the colors and textures of that world. Thanks for including the prison images – never seen that design but heard about it. Quite a contrast between the two places.

    • Jimmy White says:

      Thank you Mel. The prison was an interesting place to visit. Could have spent a long time there if I were able. Hope all goes well for you.

  2. David Marx says:

    Great photos Jimmy. It looks like there is a healthy reef and nice clear water there on the Isle of Youth. Love the waterline boat shot.

    David Marx

  3. Lee says:

    Once again, Bro, great work! The reef looks beautiful. I’m glad you were able to go on such a interesting trip! Love you.

  4. frank stotts says:

    Your images are great as usual but your underwater images are so revealing of the environment. The picture of the tiger fish(?) and the divers is special. Words fail me! Thanks.

  5. Sally Greig says:

    Beautiful photos Jimmy. Thanks for sharing! Sally

  6. Beautiful images, as always, Jimmy!