The Bay of PIgs

After departing the Isle of Youth, we flew back to Havana and caught a ride down to the Bay of Pigs.  Yes, that Bay of Pigs!

For some reason, I always imagined it as a dirty backwater hiding a dirty past.  Fortunately, reality could not have been further away from my imagination. Below are a few images from our time there.  We also spent more time spotting Cuban manatees in a local swamp and saw more than the local scientists had anticipated.  Then it was back to Havana and from there we jumped aboard the 45 minute return flight to Tampa.  An incredibly short flight considering that it returned us to a world away.

Part 3 – Bay of Pigs – Images | Jimmy White

2 Responses to “DOWN TO THE BAY OF PIGS”

  1. alice trice says:

    Gary and I have enjoyed following you on this amazing trip. It sounds like your group has learned much important information regarding the ocean creatures there. Your departing picture is beautiful!