Jimmy White is a professional photographer based in Bradenton, Florida specializing in underwater and architectural photography.  This path began when his father gave him access to a Canon FT during a fishing trip to the Florida Keys (ca. 1980) and he has continued distilling his photographic viewpoint ever since.  After practicing law as an estates and trusts attorney for 13 years Jimmy resigned from full-time practice in 2009 to focus on photography.  In conjunction with this monumental change, he immersed himself in the Career Training Program at Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana (RMSP).  While in Montana, he trained with many renowned professional photographers and developed a special interest in the power of photography to support environmental conservation initiatives.  Although he remains a member of the Florida Bar, he continues to focus his efforts on other pursuits.  Marine conservation is a major focus of his personal and philanthropic work.  He currently serves as chairman of the Board of Directors of Sea To Shore Alliance, Inc., a Florida based conservation organization working globally to find solutions to reduce the threats to endangered marine and aquatic species.  Commercially, he specializes in capturing the essence of manmade structures both large and small.  He also continues his association with RMSP by instructing and assisting other instructors in the school’s Workshop and Weekend Programs around the country.