Terrestrial Photography


Happy Friday! The term “Roaring Forties” is well known to anyone possessing a familiarity with the ocean.  It refers to a sliver of the globe located in the Southern Hemisphere between latitudes 40 and 50 degrees.  Prevailing winds in this region are renowned for producing some of the roughest sea conditions on the planet.  During […]


Awaroa Estuary at Night

The New Zealand Tourism Board uses the tagline “100% Pure New Zealand” to attract visitors.  Quite a bold statement from a small island nation in the South Pacific.  I’m pleased to say that New Zealand did not disappoint us in any respect.  After a month of traveling around the South Island we were still fully […]

Perseid Meteor Falling Over Emerald Lake, Montana (2012).



Hey there. I hope this message finds you in the middle of your own summer adventure. I recently had the great fortune of hiking around Glacier NP with two good friends/fellow RMSP teaching assistants (Ben Reed and Dan Doran). Over three days we experienced what we all agreed was a quintessential back country hike.  A […]

Mission Mountains

Black and White Mission Mountains, June 2012. twitter.com/JimmyWhitePhot… — Jimmy White (@JimmyWhitePhoto) June 7, 2012

Schizophrenic Sky

Pure Happiness…

Jumping for Joy

  Cross-country trips are always a treat.  We are currently in the middle of our latest one and just made it past Texas on our way East (always a significant stepping stone).  However, this trip stands out even more than the others because we are exposing our new dog to the journey.  The new guy’s […]

Summer Fun in Montana…

Hey there!  I hope this post finds you and your loved ones well.  I was recently reminded of the somewhat embarrasing level of delinquency I’ve exhibited by not updating this website.  Since the last post I’ve implemented some major life upgrades, not the least of which was a temporary move back to Missoula, Montana to […]

Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

Final post of 2010 with photos of full lunar eclipse.

Tom Robertson need not worry…

Some photos from the 2010 Horse Farm Hundred Cycling race outside of Gainesville, Florida.

Fly Guy’s Great Grandson

I recently met a dear old friend’s great grandson. Here is a little story and some photos of our meeting.

Tweaking Nature

Photo Illustration fun with images of the natural world.

They’re Often the Good Ones…

Photos of bandito the greyhound and deerhound mix bundle of love.


One of my photos was used in an RMSP add. I’m pleased!

The Food Chain (upon closer inspection)

Reflecting on my current position in the food chain.

For the fun of it…

Musings on the mind of a turkey vulture.

Hey there…

Glad to be here.